Live your private spaces

Golden Ray’s architecture is designed in such a way that every corner of your new home is illuminated with the unique light of Jávea, through its windows and large terraces. Open and private spaces where the feeling of spaciousness floods your new home with tranquillity.

Its communal pool will allow you to relax and the excellent climate of Jávea to enjoy it throughout the year. Golden Ray also has a playground for the little ones.

Housing type

ApartmentHallwayStaircaseTypeBuilded surfaceUseful surfaceTerraceBlueprintAvailability
Bajo A1-1155,14 m2124,04 m265,83 m2Reserved
1-G242119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved
1-H242122,28 m294,01 m262,93 m2Reserved
113155,72 m2119,77 m272,86 m2Reserved
113152,80 m2120,85 m271,07 m2Reserved
123152,80 m2120,85 m271,07 m2Reserved
123152,80 m2120,85 m271,07 m2Reserved
233152,80 m2120,85 m271,07 m2Reserved
233152,80 m2120,85 m271,07 m2Reserved
243152,80 m2119,77 m271,07 m2Reserved
243155,72 m2119,77 m272,86 m2Reserved
Bajo B1-1155,14 m2124,02 m265,83 m2Reserved
Bajo C2-1155,14 m2124,02 m2265,83 m2Reserved
1-A112122,28 m294,01 m262,93 m2Reserved
1-B112119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved
1-C122119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved
1-D122119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved
1-E232119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved
1-F232119,31 m294,01 m263,43 m2Reserved